Current Projects

Development of experimental capacities oriented to the study of paramagnetic species (PUE 22920200100016CO, 2021-2025).

Design, obtaining, and characterization of new UV and antioxidant photoprotection systems as sustainable alternatives (PIP 0766, 2021-2023).

Study of nanostructured systems with photoprotective, catalytic, and/or biological properties II (UNMDP-EXA 1017, 2022-2023).

Photocatalysis, microplastics, and the environment II (UNMDP-EXA 1112, 2022-2023).

Completed Projects

Study of nanostructured systems with photoprotective, catalytic, and/or biological properties I (UNMDP-EXA2021-2022).

Photocatalysis, microplastics, and the environment I (UNMDP-EXA2021-2022).

Studies of natural products and their derivatives for UV, antioxidant, and antimicrobial protection (UNMDP-EXA, 2018-2019).

Study of the physicochemical properties of medicinal cannabis oil and its components (UNMDP-EXA, 2018-2019).

Synthesis, characterization, and study of the photocatalytic properties under UV-visible light of titanium dioxide-based and mullite-type-based materials (UNMDP-EXA, 2018-2019).

Design and characterization of composite structures based on semiconductors and metal-organic frameworks to carry out photocatalytic and photosynthetic processes (UNMDP-EXA, 2018-2019).

Development of a photo-electro-catalytic reactor for the production of hydrogen with solar radiation (PDTS-Y-TEC 2016).

Collaboration Projects

Carbon monoxide gas detection system by color change of a reagent (PICT START-UP 2017).

Spirulina platensis: A sustainable chemical platform applicable to the design of biodegradable active packaging and food freshness indicators (PICT 2016).

Extension Projects

Proposals for the urban-environmental planning of the coastal zone of Santa Clara-Mar Chiquita. Cultural and environmental values for collective planning (UNMDP – Centro Universitario Santa Clara, Pdo. Mar Chiquita 2016).

Prevention of poisoning by inhalation of carbon monoxide (UNMDP – University Volunteer Project 2015-2019).

Collaborations with Foreign Universities

Prof. Thorsten Gesing, Universitaet Bremen – Germany.

Prof. Diego Sampedro Ruiz, Universidad de La Rioja – Spain.

Prof. Detlef Bahnemann, Leibniz Universitaet Hannover – Germany.

Prof. Thomas Bredow, Universitaet Bonn – Germany.